Weclome to mutford.net (a.k.a. mutford.com). This is where one can explore the many facets of my life. This includes what I teach, what I write, what I create, where I hike, what I've discovered, and generally what I do with my life.

If you are one of my students, please use the school courses link. If you have me for Webpage Design, please also look through meta for the validations of my source code. (I really do practice what I preach.)

If you know me through a math league, consider using the mathematics link.

If we have met on the trails, you might find either geocaches or hikes appealing. I will soon have a small selection of my favorite photographs there.

There are a couple of secret places on this site too. But there's no easy way to find them. Basically, if I don't tell you how to find it (or in some cases what the password is), you'll be out of luck. Have a nice day. 😃

Lastly, if you wish to contact me, there's a couple of ways to do that.